Solar Powered Go Kart How To: : 06.21.2012

Description: In this project we took a go kart frame ready for a gas engine and made it electric. We used a 48V battery pack, an EMC brushed DC motor, Alltrax speed controller and 0-5kOhm pot box throttle for the drive system, and a 190W Astronergy solar panel for the fuel source. The PDF link above includes all the notes from the project on what the componenets are, how much they cost and where we got them from. The entire project cost about $2500 and took a few hours a week for several months. See this link for the project wiring diagram.

We've also posted this project on Check it out at the link!


System Description:

A description of the kart and components    (YouTube) 

A test drive of the solar powered go kart    (YouTube)

A picture of the solar powered go kart, all ready to go.