Solar Air Heater Project HowTo: 10.02.2008
Description: Using common construction materials from a local hardware store, some PVC piping and a old computer fan, one you make your very own solar air heater, as seen in the model below.  
Carbon Savings: At 1.44 lbs of Carbon per kWhr ( and 19 lbs of carbon in each gallon of combusted gasoline ( 
  • 211 kWhrs of heat energy generated by the heater every winter (pg 14 in the PDF).
  • 303.8 lbs of carbon emissions curbed each winter season.
  • $42.20 of savings per winter at $0.20/kWhr.  The $80 space heater is paid in 2 years.
  • 16 gallons of gasoline curbed every winter


System Diagram: