BattCycle Conversion Project HowTo: : 10.04.2008 Table of charge values to date:
: 10.29.2008  
Description: Running great as I use it to commute back and forth to the office.  Next goal is registration, new tires and painted rims.  Nothing inherently carbon saving about any of that, except the reduced drag from new, lighter tires and therefore better efficiency.  
Carbon Savings: From page 19 of the project description, using a 14 mile daily commute, which uses 764.6 Whrs of energy.  Using a 80% charging efficiency, this is equivalent to 917.5 Whrs of AC electricity for each charge:
  • 2.5 gallons of gas saved every 100 miles, assuming 40 mpg for an unconverted motorcycle.
  • $0.18 cost for each 14 mile charge, assuming $0.20/kWhr cost.
  • $1.31 cost for 100 miles compared to $7.14 cost for 100 miles using gasoline engine, at $3.50/gal.
  • 1037.4 lbs of transportation carbon curbed every year, using the bike 156 days a year, 14m a day.
  • 54.6 gallons of gasoline saved every year.

System Description:

First Ride Video(AVI)1    (YouTube) 

First Ride Video(AVI)2    (YouTube)


LED lighting for turn signals and brake lights: